Children & Teenagers Counselling, Sydney & North Shore

Adolescence is a critical time in which teenagers begin to shift their self-conception from one based in a world of childhood to one based in adulthood.  At this stage, adolescents begin to form their identity that will define them for a lifetime.  For parents, this time can often be a stage that includes many arguments and consistent boundary testing.  Yet it can also be a time of awesome wonder as your teenage son or daughter crosses over the sacred bridge from childhood to adulthood.

Adolescents can be affected by so many varying emotional strains that can be helped with counselling: low self- esteem, depression, eating disorders, poor school performance, the stress of school and/or after school activities, social isolation and shyness, chronic health issues, sexual maltreatment, substance abuse — these are just some of the issues that young people struggle with today.

When not attended to, these issues can have a disruptive impact on your adolescent’s well-being and ability to get along in daily life.

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