Individual Counselling Sydney North


Individual counselling can help you to deal with a broad range of challenges in your life including as stress, anger, depression, sadness, grief, self esteem issues, insomnia, addictions, etc.

Types of Counselling

After discussing with you what brought you along and how it can be approached, sometimes we will use specific techniques, depending on what challenges you are facing. There are many different modalities that can be used - following are the main ones that we use (see the Library for more detailed information):

Holistic Counselling is all about you being heard and validated, and enables  you to find the resources within to enable you to move forward in a more positive manner.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) works at the conscious level and is where we work with you to put in place different ways to think and behave in certain situations.

Solution Focussed Therapy is where we focus on how you would like to be and we help you move towards that goal.

Grief Counselling enables you to sit with, work through and let go of the sadness and grief associated with loss.

Ego State Therapy or Hypnotherapy works at a non-conscious level and helps resolve events that cause unhelpful thinking or behaving. We always discuss this approach prior as it is a different way of working to normal counselling.