Ego State Therapy - Treatments Overview

The following information is based on working with actual clients. However, sometimes issues may be physical, and medical intervention may be required.


Within us all certain states can be found

1. Normal Ego States

2. Inner Self – can be the soul, a spiritual part or just a higher part

In everyone this part is always and has always been. It has a sense of purpose, speaks with a clear voice, and has a deep sense of right and wrong

3. Interjects – interjects are external people or objects that have a deep influence within us

4. Creative Form Identity – a symbolic manifestation of an ego state – sometimes we see ourselves as another form.

5. OPI  (other personalized identity) – this is when a part of us speaks as if they are separate to us, sometimes with behaviours that are not helpful.


Vaded States

Are when you feel quite emotional and/or out of control

Usually you can't do something (you are hanging onto an unhelpful belief) or you feel unloveable (fear and/or low self esteem)


Dysfunctional States

Are often Rescuer or Protector states and are the ‘medicator’ in an attempt to escape from a vaded state e.g. gambling, drinking, eating, …


Conflicting States

Are when part of you want to do or feel something and another part the opposite.

They are resolved through negation.



To help with migraines we talk to a state that knows about or originally caused the migraine. After resolving that we might find a state that hasn't had a migraine and who is happy to step in.


Infections, body aches, etc

Often an upset state may secrete as a coping mechanism.

Again resolution of the trauma can relieve or heal.


Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue can be conflicting states.

A rest takes state takes over and shuts the body down with no respect for other parts.

This is because an active state/s may be so full on that total control is the only unconscious way to cope.

They states may be in conflict, or a vaded state may be involved.



The orgins of Asthma some times are related back to an emotional event or time. As with other issues, the causes can be very varied.


Panic Attacks – these are often a Vaded State that is resurfacing or can be an Ego State that is overwhelmed.


Self Esteem – this is when a state has been affected in the past. Resolution and gaining assistance from other parts are all part of the healing process.


Anorexia – this can be a result of (real or perceived) not feeling totally loved by parent, or growing up with a controlling mother, or even a father who was controlling or the opposite – quite meek.


Bulimia – often is more learnt, but can have many contributors. Anorexia may use Bulimia as a coping mechanism.


Every little girl deserves, and needs, to be loved.


Abuse – if some form of abuse, physical or emotional, is present in the body, therapy can go in many dirctions.

There are some very important facts however:

The victim is lily white – noone can be blamed in any way for being abused.

The goal is to change the emotional trauma from a festering sore to a scar (metaphor)

A factor that makes it worse can be when someone is not believed – this can be as much the cause of the trauma as the event itself.

Often Vaded states may be protected by a Shame States


Intellectual Part – we all have intellectual parts. A major part of Ego State Therapy is moving clients out of an Intellectual Part and into a Feeling Part.


Smoking / Drugs / Alcohol / Gambling – this is often where a vaded state is present and another state has stepped in to escape from or block emotions


Depression - When a persons value or importance is shattered – depression can be triggered.

Depression is the actual state being sad ... not a protector state

It shuts down all others, giving no permission, allowing other states no energy.

Anti depressants can help addictions!!


Overweight or Obesity – if you are eating when not hungry this again can be an avoidance strategy.


Parents- being in a feeling / emotion which is part of an inner child part, and then ‘speaking’ to a parent directly, can resolve many deeply held emotions. This doesn’t mean you don’t love a parent, or view them with respect and appreciation.