EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

This is a technique that combines a range of modalities and enables dramatic changes to be experienced in many people. If you check out youtube you will find great demonstrations.

1. The Setup – Rub centre between collarbones while repeating 3 times:

·    Even though I am/have this <?>, I deeply and completely love and accept myself

2. Tap ... (you can google EFT to view diagrams that show where to tap) while repeating:

·    I let this <?> go
·    I am calm
·    I am in control
·    I am stronger everyday
·    I am calm,
·    I let it go
·    I am <?>
·    I am <?>


3. Fingers and Karate Chop while repeating:
(Karate Chop can be used as an exercise in itself)

·    The past is the past, enough is enough,
·    I move on, I move forward. I let go of <?>,
·    I give myself permission to be <?>
·    I give myself permission to succeed,
·    I am calm, I’m in control, I am stronger everyday.
·    I forgive myself for <?> in the past
·    I forgive anyone else who has influenced me to be <?>
·    It’s the easiest thing I have done
·    It gets easer everyday
·    I am free, I am <?>, and freedom is easy

Check for intensity of feeling, and then repeat

4. Gamut Point (back of hand below last 2 fingers) and Eye Movement while repeating above

Eye Movement
·    Eyes closed - look: Down R, Down L, Side, R, Side, L, Up R, Up L,
·    Circle clock wise, circle anti-clockwise,

5. Sing or hum
·    a few bars of ‘I can see clearly now, the rain has gone’ (or any other song)

6. Count
·    1+2 = ?, + 3 = ?, + 4 = ?, + 5 = ? … up to 10

7. Tap top of head while repeating above

Check for intensity. Breathe it down. Enjoy being in the moment.
Repeat whole exercise (but add the word “remaining” to negative emotions / behaviours