Being - Letting Go Of The Past & The Future

There is a lot written about positive thinking – however it is actually just ‘Being’ that is the most freeing state you will ever experience. Yet, at the same time it can be the most difficult to comprehend.

Consequently you must take time to really assimilate and comprehend what you are about to read.

Emotional Pain
Negative feelings and emotions and related thoughts come from the unconscious.

Most people have around 60,000 thoughts per day - 90% the same as the day before.

These thoughts are relayed from the unconscious mind to the conscious mind.

These thoughts can be endless … like a constant flow of water flooding down a river after heavy rain.

These thoughts are initiated by what we experience consciously – people, events and circumstances.

What we experience then triggers unconscious feelings and emotions that we perceive in our body.

These feelings and emotions can result in 2 types of unhelpful or harmful thoughts:

1. Ones based on the past - sadness, hurt, frustration, anger …
2. Ones based on the future - fear, anxiety, worry, concern …

This endless stream of thoughts is actually our unconscious mind taking control.

When we let it take over, that flood of thoughts becomes YOU, and we become immersed in the endless chatter of our unconscious mind. Our conscious mind consequently becomes one with the unconscious.

Constructive conscious thinking is consequently replaced by endless unconstructive negative thoughts.

And the result is emotional pain. And, as crazy as it may seem – it is ADDICTIVE … and COMPULSIVE!

What is ‘Being’?
Being is the state between thoughts … a state where the flow has temporarily stopped.

It is experience without thought, peace without thought, love without thought, joy without thought.

Being is about the NOW, observing without judgment, experiencing without analysis.

There is no processing taking place in our mind, there are no negative feelings and emotions effecting our physical state.

The following exercises will not be easy at first. When thoughts intrude; observe them, stop them, let them go. Practise over 6 weeks. You have to train your mind to be ‘mindful’.

But be aware – the unconscious mind WILL resist. These thoughts are perversely enjoyable.

Spend 5 to 10 minutes on the following exercises at different times:

1. Reflect on this article till you know & understand it intimately, & can explain it clearly to others.
2. Sit and focus on your breathing. Visualise it going in and out. Remove everything else from mind.
3. Sit, listen and focus on the sounds up close and then the sounds in the distance. Concentrate.
4. Observe your surroundings, either inside or outside. Colours, textures, brightness, sounds …
5. Think of a place when you feel totally relaxed. Picture that place in your mind and think of all the attributes associated with it – the sounds, colours, light, temperature, smells, patterns …
6. Do something that you love doing, that requires total focus and observe yourself while doing it no TV however as this is just a distraction and does not result in a state of Being
7. Sit and focus on ‘Being’ in your body - concentrate on a part at a time, starting for example with a leg. Give it your full attention. Be present.

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