Positive Thinking Rating Scale

Positive Thinking is a way of approaching life. It empowers you to be your best and stops you from settling for second best. With Positive Thinking, you choose the best actions to accomplish what’s most important to you. You have both the outlook and the focus to fulfill your ultimate purpose, achieve unlimited success, and empower others to be all they can be.
The following self-rating scale will give you an indication of where you sit, whether you are an overly optimistic & positive person, or whether you tend to look more on the negative side of life. Rate each statement 1 to 4 then addup your score.

1=Rarely or never 2=Reasonably or sometimes 3=Frequently or often 4=Always or almost always

< 30        You need to see a counsellor or life coach immediately
30 – 60    Your cup is half empty - a pep talk would not go amiss
60 – 90    Heading in the right direction but there’s room for improvement
> 90         You are inspirational to be around

  • I am responsible for making the most of my life     
  • I am in control of my life      
  • I like myself       
  • I get along well with people     
  • I deserve to have what I want     
  • I deserve the best in life      
  • I can have the best in life     
  • I am comfortable with success     
  • I view failure as a learning opportunity    
  • I accept what is out of my control    
  • I can handle rejection      
  • I can handle pain       
  • I am happy to be alive      
  • I do my best… I give life my best shot     
  • I embrace failure as a natural part of life and earning 
  • I have realistic expectations of myself, others, and life  
  • I bring out the best in others     
  • I handle conflict effectively     
  • I accomplish my most important goals    
  • I am comfortable with all my feelings    
  • I am happy about my career prospects    
  • My financial situation satisfies my needs   
  • I consider the best contingency plan when evaluating risks 
  • I make the most of whatever crosses my path  
  • I am where I need to be in my life right now   
  • I like most people I meet     
  • I tend to think I will be even better off in a years time 
  • I am happy being the brunt of my own jokes   
  • I bring out the best in others     
  • I praise partner and family more often than I critisise them