Anxiety & Depression Rating Scale

If you or your partner is possibly feeling down, and has been for a while, the following is a simple questionnaire for you to to do a reality check. If you are 3 or more you should get along to your GP and have a discussion with them - it is far better to ere on the safe side!

The items below refer to how you have felt and behaved during the past week.

Mark each statement from 0 to 5 using the following scale:

1 = not at all     2=a tiny bit    3=sometimes    4=usually    5=absolutely

Greater than 70     Indicates severe depression. You should be talking to someone immediately
50 to 70                   You are moving into a potentially dangerous state of anxiety &/or depression.
30 to 50                   Some self care required
Less than 30           Pretty normal

  • I have trouble starting even the simplest things
  • I aren’t able to do most things quickly
  • Its not easy for me to concentrate
  • I feel agitated and am unable to sit still or do things for a period of time
  • I find making decisions difficult
  • I usually worry about all sorts of stuff
  • I experience little pleasure and/or joy from day to day
  • I don’t feel good when I wake up in the morning
  • I have lost interest in most aspects of my life
  • I don’t see an exciting future ahead
  • I don’t feel happy even when good things happen to me
  • I usually feel lethargic and tired
  • I don’t feel that I deserve to be happy
  • I feel like a failure
  • I don’t talk to, contact, or see my friends regularly anymore
  • I generally sleep badly at night
  • I think about suicide or how I might kill myself
  • I feel overwhelmed regards commitments to life, work and family
  • I have lost or gained weight
  • I often feel I ‘need’ a drink or cigarette to calm myself
  • I feel tension or anxiety in the pit of my stomach

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