Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy is a unique psychotherapy of growth that is dedicated to helping people unblock the barriers they experience to being fully alive and present in the moment.  It emphasizes and supports dynamic awareness of and contact with one's internal and external environments. In Gestalt therapy, particular attention is paid to the development of creative adjustments and to the facilitation of ongoing maturation throughout the life cycle.

The overarching focus in Gestalt therapy is on raising awareness.  The ongoing awareness of feelings in one's self and others is a prerequisite for an exciting and enjoyable life. This is true for several reasons. First, emotional awareness and expression keeps "unfinished business" from accumulating. Once we have learned to hide our needs from ourselves and others (and we learn this at a very early age), we begin to accrue unfinished situations. This unfinished business drains energy that we need for excitement and creativity in all realms of life. Second, having a "clean house," in the sense of having completed unfinished business, allows us to give full attention to our ongoing existence from moment to moment. This means having all of our faculties present for decision making, interpersonal contact, or moments of meditation and reflection