Common Questions

How successful is your service?

If you both are committed to making it work, and are both willing to take responsibility for your own part in the issues - then the outcome is very very positive. We have great success as can be seen on the testimonials. But we can only be as good as you are willing to let us be!!!

Does an affair mean the end?

Absolutely not. In fact, we have had many couples who have built a stronger relationship than ever following an affair. However it requires commitment by both in different areas ... understanding, forgiveness, dropping of defensiveness, learning, letting go of the past and focusing on the future, sharing the sadness, grieving, etc. All these are addressed in different ways, depending on where you are both are at.

Why choose The Relationship Specialists?

Because we are passionate about our work, continue to work on our methodology and handouts, meet regularly to share and learn, and have experienced a range of life challenges between us so can truly empathise with your situations.

What are the biggest issues you face with couples?

Not being able to let go of the past, being defensive, rebuilding trust, one person thinking they know what the other person really means, selfish behaviour, vastly differing needs, different communication styles, different sex drives, deep unconscious childhood experiences, addictions, aggressive behaviours, anxiety and depression, etc ... and the list goes on!!!

How long do we need to come for?

Everyone varies - and it depends on what you are wanting to achieve, or how bad your current situation is. But if you think about this as an investment in the future - a way of building something that provides you both with unbelievable personal happiness and fulfillment, and consequent good health ... then it is worth whatever it takes!

Does it matter if the counsellor is male or female?

It shouldn't matter if the relationship counsellor is very good and is knowledgeable in all the pitfalls of relationship counselling (see about us). The challenge is dealing with individual agendas as well as the relationship issues.

Are you counsellors or coaches?

This is such a good question - as I think we are more coaches and mentors than counsellors when it comes to the actual relationship. We focus on education, understanding and communication - which are all skills. However - from an individual perspective we definitely have to draw on our counselling skills as well.