“Why men don’t listen & Women can’t read maps” by Allan & Barbara Pease

Rating 9/10

This is another book on relationships that is a ‘must read’.

I have seen Allan deliver an exceptionally entertaining seminar on the subject as well which has definitely influenced my thinking.

I like it even more than Men are From Mars as it is even easier to read and Allan has an engaging and humerous style of writing - plus a great sense of humour… “Why did Moses spend 40 years wandering in the desert? Because he refused to ask for directions!”

Although it takes a rather light approach to the subject, it is based on absolute fact and research, and really gives great insight into what makes both you and your partner tick.

You will both laugh as you see yourself and your partner portrayed in a such an accurate manner, but if read with the right intention, you can gain great understandings and as a result really improve communications and consequently your relationship.

It is important however not to use these books as an excuse for inappropriate behaviour, but rather to become more intune with your partner.