“Before You Met Me” by Alan Close

Rating 8.0

“A memoir of one man’s troubled search for love”

If you are a single male, either never married or now separated/divorced, and have a history of broken relationships, this is a very compelling read.

As per the back cover
” No man has ever written about relationships in this way. Humorous, lyrical and disarmingly candid, this memoir … takes us inside what it is to be a man today. … it reveals much about men’s emotions and their attitudes towards relationships. It will hold a mirror to male readers and provide a rare insight for women”.

It truly shows that if we don’t take time to understand the past, especially our childhood when we were part of a family, then we can so easily repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

For those women who are looking to meet or live with a ’stable’ and ‘reliable’ man in later life and cannot understand how hard that is, you too will find this very interesting.