“Sex, Lies & Relationships” by Ruth Simons

Rating 8/10

Ruth Simons is a practising Psychologist and Psychotherapist.  Her book talks about misunderstanding, jealousy, inhibition, trust betrayed, passion lost, lousy sex and bad communication and how so many people have come to accept that these conditions are somewhat normal.

Sex, Lies & Relationships gives real life examples of queries Ruth gets from her clients, and a newspaper column she writes, and shows how you can stop being bewildered and start understanding and directing your intimate life.

The underlying theme to many of these concerns is a lack of confidence, lack of trust, lack of understanding.  The undeniable solution is communication.  When communication is twisted, interpretations are distroted ensuring a sure sign of a relationship in trouble.  Learning to say it straight and opening up calm, fruitful lines of communication are essential techniques that Ruth explores.  

Wherever you are on your intimate relationship journey, this book of real-life problems and practical solutions may hopefully give you both tools and inspiration to turn your story into a passionate, intimate, and joyous one.”