Individual and Couple Counselling


NorthSide Counselling is a small, private group of experienced counsellors who work with individuals as well as couples for counselling, relationship assistance and marriage guidance.

Our extensive experience and training ensures we are using the latest and most suitable methodology for you and your situation.

How Do We Help Individuals?

As counsellors we have training across a range of modalities and methodologies to help men, women and teens.  After listening to your story and understanding the challenges or issues you are facing we are then able to take the best approach for you, assisting with change from the very first session. It may be about just being heard through to practical exercises, interventions or new ways of thinking. We use a broad range of modalities that we have trained in including Holistic Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Solution Focused methods. We always discuss the options first as you  have to be totally comfortable with any approach we take.

Our focus is to help you based on the goals you have for coming along - but more importantly - what you are ready to change. Other training also enables us to draw on NLP, Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy if appropriate and you are in agreement.

In addition, Men and Women are often facing different challenges as well, so as a counsellor we also need to be skilled in dealing with more specific issues as well.

Is your marriage or relationship struggling?  

Research shows that your relationship has more impact on your, health and overall happiness than any other aspect of your life (click here to read testimonials).

At NorthSide Counselling we use the Gottman Method (click here to read about the Gottman Method) of relationship counselling which is a proven and scientific method based on 30 years of research.

Relationship Counsellors Require Special Training

It is widely acknowledged that marriage and relationship counselling is by far the most challenging of any counselling, and being a relationship counsellor requires an entirely different approach and training to regular counselling - it is like comparing your GP to a personal trainer .

Therefore, when trusting a counsellor to help you with your future happiness, ensure you are choosing a counsellor who has training in relationship and marriage counselling ... a counsellor who has the knowledge, experience, materials and tools ... the the passion and commitment to help you achieve your goals.

Every counsellor with NorthSide Counselling is totally passionate about their work and is 110% committed to helping make your life and relationship better- and for you to achieve your desired goals. (click here for contact details & locations).

There has been much research to identify the key factors that contribute to divorce. Although it varies greatly with every couple, there are certain behaviours that if continued almost guarantee in the relationship failing. (click here to read The Top 20 List). If you are willing to acknowledge that these behaviours are unacceptable, and are willing to put your partner's feelings first - then you can once again enjoy a great relationship.
Why see a Counsellor, Not a Psychologist?

Psychologists are primarily trained to identify and work with mental illness using CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). Counsellors are trained in interacting and working with clients to achieve mutually agreed outcomes, and usually have a range of tools (techniques) that they can call on such as Holistic or Rogerian Counselling, Solution focused Therapy, Gestalt, Hypnotherapy, Ego State Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


Other Useful Articles

You will find in the library articles about  individuals,  relationships, and couples and as well as book reviews and a relationship questionnaire. If there is something that is of help please download it and print it off. If you can get your relationship back on track without having to see a counsellor - then that is even better news!

Our Commitment To You

Our promise to you is that we will give 110% to helping you work through the challenges you face - whether it be personal or to do with your marriage or relationship.

We will also continue to develop our knowledge, tools and handouts along with world-wide best practices - and that you, client, will always receive the very best support and help possible  (click here to learn more about us).

We also undertake regular ongoing training and professional development to keep up to date with the latest methods and learnings, as well as meet regularly 'in-house' to insure our clients are receiving the best help possible.


For bookings, enquiries or a confidential, obligation free 'chat' call a counsellor on their mobile number


I first came about 6 months ago when my life was feeling out-of-control ... I am getting back on track and excited for what the future holds. LB


Individual and Couple Counsellors in Sydney

Couple, Marriage and Individual Counselling Northern Beaches, Warriewood - Karen Adams (Please go to

Couple, Marriage and Individual Counselling Crows Nest - Fiona McQuabe

Couple. Marriage and Individual Counselling Narrabeen- Neil Buckley


Counselling Hours

A  counsellor is available for individual and couple counselling 7 days a week - daytime and evenings - whether by phone or face to face.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Daytime and Evenings 


Relationship and Couple Counselling is our Speciality

Our counsellors provide Individual, Couple, Marriage & Relationship Counselling across Northern Beaches & North Shore
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